Q: Is Enterprise: The Game really free?

A: YES! "Enterprise: The Game" was created by Star Trek fans, for Star Trek fans!  This game is not licensed by Paramount Pictures and shall always remain freeware.

The game's creator receives no profit from hits to the website, or for the number of people who download the game. The game itself has NO spyware or adware. It's just a good, old-fashioned FREE GAME!!!

Q: How do you unlock the hidden ships in the game, such as the NCC-1701?

A: To unlock the 8 hidden starships you need to acquire points. Once you gain enough points, a blue icon will appear at the top on the screen that shows an "F-Key." You press the "F" (or function) keys to change the ship you are playing as.

F6: Changes to NCC-1701 (after you get 500 points)
F7: Changes to 22nd Century Ship (after you get 750 points)
F8: Changes to Romulan Ship (after you get 1000 points) Also, you can hold "C" to cloak your ship.
F9: Changes to NCC-1701-D (after 7500 points)
F10: Changes to Klingon Ship (after 10000 points)

There are more ships, but you will have to discover them for yourself. Although nothing much happens after 20k points.


Q: How do you protect the damaged Starfleet vessels?

A: The only thing that can destroy the allied vessels is a direct hit from a Suliban cell ship (the small, round ships). You can maneuver the allied ships out of harm’s way by pressing the Z and X keys.

NOTE: In the Czech Version on Enterprise The Game you can also make the Starfleet vessels fire torpedoes at your enemies.


Q: How do you beat this game?

A: Once you earn 10,000 points you will win the game and a brief movie scene will play. After that you can keep playing for the high score.


Q: How do you clear the HIGH SCORES table?

A: At the main menu, press the delete key.


Q: How do you access the SPECIAL FEATURES, such as the audio and visual galleries?

A: To open the special features menu you must first complete the game (earn 10,000 points). Then you can press Escape to open the revised menu and choose which features to access. There are also hidden key functions in the audio and visual galleries.


Q: How do you access the MINI-GAME available in the Czech version of the game?

A: To play the Star Trek mini-game, exclusively available in the Czech Language Version of Enterprise: The Game, you must first beat the regular game by earning 10,000 points.  Then, on the special features menu, press F1 to access the viewscreen, then press F5 to start the game.

Shoot your way through attacking Klingons and an asteroid field. Once you reach the space dock you have completed the game.


Q: How do I save my game?

A: Enterprise The Game is an arcade style game, which means you aim for the high score and cannot save.  Restarting the game after accessing the special features menu will erase all of your progress.


Q: Are there any cheats, passwords or strategy guides for this game?

A: There are currently no strategy or tip guides available for Enterprise The Game. There are also no cheats or passwords built into the game. However, certain unlockable ships in the game are more maneuverable and can make the game much easier.


Q: Does this game work with Mac OSX or Windows ME?

A: Enterprise The Game was developed for the Windows 98 / XP operating systems. The game may not work with Mac OSX, Win ME or Windows 95.

For best playback results, adjust your screen display to 800x600 or 1600x1200 resolution.

Q: When I start the game I get an error message / The game has no sound / The game has no video. How do I fix this?

A: Several people have reported that Enterprise The Game does not work on their PC and gives them an error message. There are a few causes for this.

1.  The Microsoft PCM music in the game is not compatible with your current sound card drivers. Remedy: Update your sound card drivers from the manufacturers website.

2.   The video clips contained within the game conflict with your current video card drivers and/or video codecs. Remedy: Update your video card drivers from the manufacturers website. Download the latest video codecs for your machine. Here are 2 great codecs packs, and best of all, they’re free!


3.  Your processor might not be powerful enough. Remedy: Press F4 after game start to put the game in windowed mode, or get a Pentium 3 or 4 processor.

4.   You do not have enough virtual memory available. Remedy: Try resetting your computer and do not run any other applications while running Enterprise The Game.

5.   Your display settings aren't currently compatible. Remedy: Change your display properties to 800x600 resolution / 32 bit color depth. To access the display properties menu in Windows, click the Start menu, go to Settings, go to Control Panel, click on Display, choose the Desktop tab, make changes and click "Apply."

Q: Can I link to the download for the game on my website?

A: Yes, as long as you do not charge for the game or take credit for its production.


Q: When will version 2 come out? Are there any sequels planned?

A: There are no plans in the works for another English version of Enterprise The game, or for a sequel.

There is a newer, special edition Czech language version of the game available only at startrekgames.cz

This special edition contains a new movie scene intro, new unlockable ships, a brand new mini game, and a whole lot more. Even if you don't speak Czech, we highly recommend playing this upgraded version of Enterprise The Game!


Q: What do I do if my question isn’t addressed on this FAQ?

A: Send an email detailing your question to: enterprisegame(at)aol(dot)com
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